About Us

Let’s make impact together

Hello! Nice to meet you.

We are AnOther Agency, an agency that started from the intrinsic motivation to make the world a better place. We believe that conscious entrepreneurship is the future. Instead of destroying the world, we want to work with organizations that want to add something to our planet.

Our agency started in 2015 after Ananda, founder, worked for different online agencies.

“My goal is to make conscious entrepreneurship a normal standard”

We love to help you build your business through online marketing. Our approach and way of thinking is different in 4 ways:

  1. The way we work; together. Together is a word you will hear us say a lot. We stand by complete transparency and don’t want any walls between you and us. We believe that you should know what we are doing, it’s your business after all!
  2. No crazy fees. We don’t hire expensive offices and we only work with the right freelancers on the right jobs. We work from our homes and once in a while from your office. This way, we can keep the costs down and be around when you need us.
  3. We don’t claim that we know the ’right’ strategy. We believe that testing different things, will lead to the best results. As we work closely together, you will get a better understanding of the most effective channels to grow your brand and business.
  4. We don’t just love marketing, we love generating sales. We want your brand to look amazing online. But we also realize that we need to sell. We are keen on seeing results in terms of both marketing and sales.