KAYA Tea x Oasis Festival

KAYA TEA is the first Moroccan ice tea brand that is fully organic. The natural taste and vegetal extracts used in this organic drink, finds it’s origin in the authentic recipe of the traditional Moroccan tea. As KAYA TEA is a new brand, they were looking for a way to introduce themselves to their key audience.

Campaign details


To promote KAYA TEA to the right audience, we connected the brand to Oasis Festival. A well known dance festival in Marrakech with local visitors and international partygoers. We created a 360 campaign whereby on one hand KAYA Tea was being sold on the festival and on the other hand influencers would promote the soda. We invited 10 European and Moroccan influencers with a total reach of more than 2M+ followers for a fully covered weekend to enjoy the festival and a special cocktail workshop that was organised by KAYA TEA.



http://kayatea.com/ & theoasisfest.com
Influencer marketing

AnOther agency has been responsible for:

influencer selection & management

Influencer program from A - Z

Production of the weekend

Content creation

Influencers attending:

Mikutas (DE) Zaina (MO) Jolielot (NL) Bartabac (SP) Adashoffash (NL) Malakies (MO) Hannahliza (DE) Cliopajczer (FR)Mohcineaoki (MO)  Moroccan Musthaves (MO)


Generated more than 4M impressions on Instagram & Instagram stories

Instagram paid posts; 16 posts

Instagram earned posts: 251 posts

Engagement rate 19%


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