Alpaca Loca

Alpaca Loca is a young and innovative label that specialises in designing and producing high quality products made of alpaca wool. Alpaca’s wool is a natural, super soft material with more advantages compared to sheep’s wool or cashmere. All products are produced in Equador and made by a local community of weavers.  Alpacaloca values integrity, social entrepeneurship and quality.

Campaign details

Collaboration had no experience with Instagram Marketing. They would post a few times per week without a plan or goal. AnOther Agency created a step by step plan for a trial period of 6 weeks. Hereby we edited their photos with a custom edit, posted this on their channel and engaged with their audience. Within 6 weeks the account grew from 1035 followers to 1993 unique followers.


Instagram Marketing

AnOther agency has been responsible for
Photo editing
Instagram posting, planning and engaging with the audience

Growth of 960 followers in 6 weeks
Average engagement from 30 likes/comments to 85 likes/comments
Average website clicks from 3 to 78 per week

Feedback Annemarie | Founder

” First I could not believe that AnOther Agency would be able to generate “real” followers on our Instagram. However, within a month AnOther Agency has shown it with more than 700 new qualitative followers. Our account got a real boost and it enabled an improvement in engagement and traffic.”

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