Social influencer tools and how they can work in your advantage

influencer campaign Marrakesh x AnOther Agency

Social influencer marketing campaigns are hot. Most established companies work with online influencers of some sort. Some of these influencer campaigns are blunt and straight forward, while others are barely noticeable to the untrained eye. The companies behind these successful campaigns have mastered the trick of matching a brand with the perfect online influencer to carry the campaign, get the brands products introduced to the target audience and eventually build the brand in terms of visibility and sales. How did they achieve this and is this something we can learn from them? The answer is simple; loads and loads of research and yes absolutely!

Did you know 70% of the success of the campaign depends on the unique match between influencer and brand? This means that one of the key elements of building a successful online influencer campaign is just this… a perfect match. Not all influencers match with a brand, just like not all consumers match with a product, and it can be quite a struggle to find the right social influencer who can really carry out a brands message. Since matchmaking is one of the most important elements of any campaign, every brand should make sure they have their research on point before engaging with online influencers or dipping into the world of social media influencer marketing.

The world of online influencers is basically one big secretive community where we all are just bystanders and not allowed into the club. There are hundreds of thousands social influencers varying from micro influencers, that have about 30k followers, to influencers who have elevated their influencer status and are now seen as celebrities of some sort.

While there are a lot of genuine online influencers who live for fashion, are devout foodies, love travelling and interior design or just can’t get enough coffee, there is a big percentage out there that is not so crispy clean. Unfortunately, nowadays an online influencer can easily fake their account and even their entire feed. There are companies who trade in buying and selling followers, comments and likes, something that is not uncommon in the world of online influencers. If you look at one of those ‘empty’ accounts with an untrained eye, you won’t see anything out of the ordinary. However, once you start digging in the data, you will find that the account is lacking credibility. The rule of the thumb in any type of influencer marketing; if the accounts that are carrying your campaign are lacking credibility, your campaign won’t move mountains and will not reach the expected results.

In order to create the perfect synergy between brand and online influencer, AnOther Agency uses a specially developed social influencer tool that provides us with in-depth insights in very specific influencer data. Using this tool before the start of each campaign, we do an in-depth analysis of the online influencers and research thoroughly if they will match with the campaign or not.

This social influencer tool gives us information such as total engagement, total amount of followers, the credibility of the audience, gender balance, age variation, countries, most important cities, interests and the languages being used amongst the followers and commenters. These are some of the most important values for a brand to pick the best online influencers to carry the campaign and in the end get the best possible results. In case you are interested to find out more, please contact us.